Montgomeryshire Youth Music Guitar & Ukulele Group

The Guitar & Ukulele Orchestra performs music including Theo’s own compositions, classical, public domain, TV/Film, and arrangements of popular music.

The compositions and arrangements have several parts with differing difficulty levels, so that everyone in the group is able to play at their level.

Montgomeryshire Youth Music Drumline Group

The Snare Drumline Group not only helps with sight reading skills, but it is also good for building up rudimental skills and chops, which can also transfer onto the full kit. In 2016 we introduced the floor tom in addition to the snare drum.

The drumline studies snare drum sheet music, which includes dynamics, rhythm, techniques (double strokes, buzz rolls and bouncing, rim hits), rudiments (40 official rudiments including rolls, diddles, flams and single strokes + additional rudimental style exercises that I create).

I write most of the music myself so as to make it as musical and interesting, whilst also having a good balance of being playable but challenging. I also write parts for different abilities to be in the same piece, to cater for varying ability levels within the group.

Montgomeryshire Youth Orchestra Website

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