Updated on 9th May 2018

Payments for School Lessons
  • Invoices are sent at the start of every half term only and are due for payment by the third lesson by cheque or bank transfer.
  • There are 6 half term invoices per school year.
  • Lessons may be put on hold if payments are not received within one half term. You will be contacted to inform you of this should non payment reach an unreasonable length, with at least 1 week’s warning before lessons are put on hold.
  • Any further information will be available on each invoice sent.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy
  • Refunds will be made if parents let me know in advance that a pupil will miss their lesson (eg taking the day off for holiday or illness, or school trip). This then gives me chance to rearrange my schedule. In addition, if a pupil has to go home from school in the day due to illness and misses a lesson, I will always refund this, as there is nothing the parent could have done.
  • Please email or text Theo at the earliest possible time if you know a lesson will be missed, and at least before school starts. I will unlikely to be able to answer phone calls but you can leave a voicemail. (My contact details are given at the bottom of very invoice, in the Cancellation and Refunds Policy.)
  • Please also let me know if the lesson will be missed due to a school trip as I won’t always be informed about them by the schools. For any lessons that I miss myself for any reason (eg illness), I will always refund this on the next invoice.

When there is no availability in a school where I give lessons, there will be a waiting list. You can sign up for the waiting list by completing a registration form. Please ask your school for a registration form for Theo’s lessons.

Lesson Times

Lessons in schools will be in school during the school day, which may also include breakfast club or after school club times. High School lessons will follow a rota, and pupils will be expected to come to the lesson at the correct time. Lesson times in primary schools are never exactly the same due to the nature of the changing school activities, so they are asked for when it’s time for their lesson. Lessons will be weekly unless notified otherwise by email.

Lesson times for non-school lessons will be during term time of the schools. Lessons will usually not take place in the holidays, unless arranged otherwise. Selected days in the summer holidays may be available for lessons.

Non-School Lesson times will be weekly and usually at the same time during term time unless cancelled or rearranged.


Students will be required to practice in order to progress. As a guide, 3 times a week is a good amount to aim for or work towards. If students consistently do not practice, then progress will be very slow or non existent, so it’s really important to practice to get the most value out of the lessons.

Skype Lessons

These are available on a very limited basis during term time. Lessons will never be recorded. A parent/guardian must be present at all times during the lessons if teaching to anyone under 18.

Stopping Lessons

You may stop lessons at any point by giving me notice before the day of any lesson. You will not be charged for the rest of the half term and refunds will be issued for any lessons that have already been paid for.