As well as teaching music, I also do the following musical activities.

TL Music Lessons

Music Production

I have a small home studio setup, which I use for writing and recording my own songs. I record drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and use recording software (currently Abelton Live 9). In addition to recording my instruments, I work with midi, virtual instruments, keyboards, effects and plugins, to create music using a computer.

Music / Bands / Collaborations

  • 2015 - Collaborated with local woodwind teacher Mari Van Hulzen for guitar and flute duets at school events.
  • 2015 - Permormed at the Welshpool Music Festival 2015 with a new singer called Eleri Wilson.
  • 2007 to present - I play drums in a metal band called Revenant Dead. It gives me the chance to stretch myself as a drummer. We recorded the first two albums in a recording studio in Birmingham. I am also now more involved in songwriting and recording other instruments, for newer material. I am currently recording, mixing and producing a third album using my own equipment.
  • 2013-14 - Played live drums for Eyes of Mars with a digital/acoustic hybrid drum kit.
  • Played in various bands at school and university

Session Musician

  • 2014 - present. Ongoing relationships with theatre groups in newtown and shrewsbury, performing drums, guitar and bass guitar at Theatre Hafren in Newtown and Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.