Time Trainer App - Digital Metronome Android App Review - Also available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Rating: 4/5 Stars and 100% worth paying for

I came across this useful metronome app at www.justinguitar.com. This website contains valuable guitar playing and music theory knowledge from a music industry professional called Justin Sandercoe, who has played guitar with artists such as Katie Melua.

When I found out about the app I was very interested in the unique 'trainer' features of this metronome, which include 'speed upper', 'bar breaks' and 'random beat drop'. As I have used the free resources from his website I didn't hesitate in paying £1.50 for this app, and it has been more than worth it.

After a few weeks of using this app, I have used it with many of my pupils during guitar, drums and bass lessons. I have used all the features and suprizingly the one I've used the most is the 'Speed Upper'. I thought maybe that it would go against the grain of keeping a steady tempo, but it has been very useful in helping students to work up to a target tempo - so I have been working with a mixture of this and the standard metronome.

The bar breaks and random beat drop are fairly similar features in terms of their goal of creating an 'inner metronome' for the player, and they have been quite useful so far in helping students with timing issues. These two features have been almost like a game at times to come back in with the click and so it has made practicing to the click to improve timing much more enjoyable for me and my students.

The are just a few things I would change about the app:

1. To save my settings when exiting (such as the click and volume choices) as I need to change these every time I use the metronome

2. To be able to run in the background.

3. A restart button would be handy for when a mistake is made on the trainer mode.

4. One feature it lacks compared to a free alternative I have is the ability to select subdivision rhythms such as 16th notes (semi quavers) etc. And things like 8th note shuffle would also be useful.

Time Trainer Metronome on Android

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