Grade 3-4 Drum Book with 17 Drum Lesson Sheets

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People That Might Find This Book Useful

- Drum teachers can print the book or single sheets for their students.
- Drummers can teach themselves following on from a strong basic foundation in reading and playing

Contents Highlights

Subdivisions, Counting Methods, Drum Fills, Skip Beats, 16th Note Hi Hat Accents, Double Kick Drum.

Full Contents

4 Subdivision drum solo / warm up exercise

5 16th note counting exercises

6 Snare drum piece with counting exercise

7 Short fills to start a song or sections of music

8 Bass drum skip beats

9 Snare drum skip beats

10 10 rock drum beats with 16th note bass drum combinations

11 Snare and bass drum skip beat practice beats - with open hi hats

12 Snare and floor tom piece with sextuplets

13 Grooves and fills piece in 6/8

14 10 drum fills with 6 stroke rolls

15 6 drum beats and drum fills exercises

16 10 snare drum accent exercises

17 Part 1 - 9 drum grooves with 16th note hi hat accents

18 Part 2 - 9 drum grooves with 16th note hi hat accents

19 8 beginners double kick drum beats

20 Intermediate double kick drum beats

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