DaTuna App - Guitar Tuner Android App Review

5/5 Stars

Both the free and Pro versions of the andriod DaTuna apps are excellent. I trialled the Lite version for a weeks worth of teaching and I was very impressed with this tuner. Some of my students also tried it and found it very easy to use and the ones that have smartphones all now have it on their phones.

Besides the fact that it's handy not to carry around an extra bit of kit, I do prefer using it to my other guitar tuner that I paid about £20 for. Considering this app is either free, or a small fraction of that for the paid one it would seem that purpose built metronomes will not be needed that much anymore and that the big metronome companies have missed a trick when it comes to migrating this type of product to the digital world.

The only thing I miss a little bit is the ability to plug the guitar into the tuner to cut out the background noise completely, but this hasn't really been a problem, especially given that the app has the ability to cut out background noise that is quieter than your instrument.

I ended up paying for the pro version out of respect for the developer and to support future updates, but there was one added feature that I was really pleased with. In the Pro version of the app, it gives you a numerical figure of how far away from the note you are (e.g. +00.2C or -03.1C). I'm not sure exactly what the figure is (% or something else), but it's obvious you have to get it as close to 00.0C (center) as possible. This is extra handy for fine tuning. I'm not sure my guitar has ever been quite as well in tune as it is now!

DaTuna Lite on Andriod from Google Play

DaTuna Pro on Andriod from Google Play